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Gianni Riotta

The website is a daily information notice-board created for Gianni Riotta, updated by an online editorial staff in charge of posting articles, videos, Vines and info graphics. All of the website visitors are directly connected live to Gianni’s Twitter account, this being his favourite social media.
The infrastructure that permits the functioning of the website has been designed to support high levels of traffic. Through caching systems, redundancies and the use of emerging technologies like web sockets it was possible to visualise and analyse the huge amounts of data coming from social networks.

To achieve these objectives the Riotta website includes:

  • Drupal;
  • Docker;
  • High scalability;
  • analysis and design the general UX;
  • card sorting UX game, UX interviews
  • analysis and design for an high traffic infrastructure;
  • implementation and management of physical and logical architecture;
  • analysis, design and development of the platform.