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Asia-Europe Foundation – ASEF

About ASEF

ASEF culture360 ( is a portal managed by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) since 2005.
ASEF culture360 is designed to stimulate cultural engagement and enhance mutual understanding between Asia and Europe by providing relevant information through weekly updates on news, events, opportunities and resources. It also features a magazine with in-depth articles, interviews and profiles, and social media tools to enable online networking between individuals, as well as organisations across the ASEM region. Since 2011, also hosts the website of the Asia-Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS).

  • To inform cultural practitioners, artists, policy makers, and governments about arts and culture in and between Asia and Europe
  • To create networking opportunities for cultural professionals who are looking to share ideas
  • To facilitate cultural reflection as well as stimulate cultural dialogue and cooperation within the ASEM region

To achieve these objectives the ASEF culture360 website includes:

  • Drupal;
  • Docker;
  • High scalability;
  • analysis and design the general UX;
  • card sorting UX game, UX interviews
  • analysis and design for an high traffic infrastructure;
  • implementation and management of physical and logical architecture;
  • analysis, design and development of the platform.